8.2 - Faith, Family, & Photography Interview with Josh & Kariss

We can’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of working together for nearly the past 10 years! Like any couple, we have our moments but there are a many positive factors that make working with your spouse ideal.

As a husband and wife who also work together, we’re always looking for different ways to refresh our marriage AND our business partnership. We were honored to be featured guests on a podcast called Purpose to Create talking about these very principles. Here's a glimpse into what we discuss:

For the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights:

1:57 - Karris & Joshua’s start as photographers

4:58 - What it’s like working with a spouse

9:09 - Balancing family life with full-time entrepreneurship

11:47 - Building a business that works for you

21:44 - How faith influences your business

25:45 - Rapid fire questions (and more on infusing your faith with your business!)

Don’t miss a single second of this episode, friends!

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